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to build to a crescendo. last night, michelle obama got it started and tonight, bill clinton expected to build on the enthusiasm. >> thank you. >> he's one of the most popular democrats and tonight, bill clinton will be called on to rally the party faithful. >> and there is a record second to none. he's a credible messenger. >> the obama campaign hopes the speech can pull in voter who's may not be sold on the president right now, but aren't quite ready to make the switch to mitt romney. president obama and clinton had a rocky history, clashing the 2008 democratic primary race but with lowest preconvention popularity of any incumbent the current president could use the former's help. clinton stars in a new ad running in battle ground states. >> president obama has a plan to rebuild america from the ground up. we need to keep going his plan. >> officials say the speech will remind americans of the thriving economy during his administration, and how democratic policies can bring back prosperity. but does the obama campaign run a risk with that trip down memory lane? >> the danger is that
and president obama stumped in ohio. >> i believed in you. i will make the best any day of the week. >> and vice president biden rallied in detroit. republicans aren't conceding this spotlight this week. and paul ryan asked a simple question used every president since great depression who asked americans to send them into a second term can say you're better off today except for jimmy carter and for president barack obama. >> this is a question put some off message. today the vice president stuck to the script. >> do you know whether we'rer off? i have a bumper sticker. osama bin laden is dead and general motors alive. >> but this week, will focus on a different question. the campaign gives an answer on the new tv ad out today. >> forward is the theme of the campaign here in charlotte. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear what the leadership are saying in answer to the question are we better on than four years ago. >> thank you very much z it has not been a stellar start for the delegations for the democratic national convention. and they made that comment when accusing republicans of distorting facts bu
candidates. president obama was in florida where he questioned the, quote, arithmetic being proposed by his challenger, mitt romney. >> they couldn't answer questions about how they'd pay for $5 trillion in new tax cuts and $2 trillion in new defense spending, without raising taxes on the middle class. that's not bold leadership. that's bad math. >> romney attended church services with his family in massachusetts today. he also attacked the obama administration's record when it comes to creating jobs. >> if this president's re-elected you're going to see chronic lie unemployment continue for another four years or longer. >> ama: president obama is scheduled to come to the bay area for another fundraising swing on october 8th. the san francisco chronicle is reporting it will resemble the president's trip in february, which included an event at the knob hill masonic center. >> alan: a plane door tumbles out of the sky. >> ama: what could have caused the door to come off the jet. >> alan: a tornado in queens. about big storm slams into new york. the damage it left behind. >> leigh: i'm meteoro
anymore. >> and coming up, michelle obama going to attempt to rock this hougs, capping off a day devoted to attracting women to president obama and at least their votes we'll have that for you coming up tonight. >> okay, thank you very much and again, on abc 7 news at 6:00 mark talk was women who were taking center stage including state attorney general harris and actress ashley judd. you can get updates by following him on our facebook page and mark is also tweeting at matthews abc 7. we'd like you to join us from live coverage that airs tonight from 7:00 until 8:00. >> and a hacking group seems to have proof big brother is targeting specific computer juicers. >> and i'm sandhya patel. tret threat of thunderstorms, live doppler 7 hd will be tracking potential developments. i'll be back with details coming up. >> and michael finney shows you how retailers are already beginning to compete for your holiday shopping dollars. stay with us. news continues right here at abc 7 news at 5:00 in one minute. >>> san francisco police looking for three women targeting elderly members of the community
at the flood damage caused by hurricane isaac. this is president obama scheduled to visit monday. today, mr. romney told the governor he wanted to see the extent himself and. >> mitt romney officially accepted nomination for republican party last night during its national convention. but one of the bay area's own, stole the show, clint eastwood's speech turned into an online sensation. >> this is what inspired a brand new trend online. there was blanking after last night's speech. and there is a brand new trend called east wooding and people are loading up pictures on droves overline, imitating. >> this was a for shadowing clint eastwood came on stage to the theme song of "the good, the bad and the ugly". minutes into his speech an empty share turned into a odd co-star. >> i've got mr. obama sitting here. i just was going ask him a couple question autos the seemingly inscripted conversation was not without serious subject matter like foreign policy. >> you thought the war in afghanistan was okay. >> it often veered into the bizarre like off color fill in the blank reactions from the empty s
. there is romney facing criticism for blunt comments made during a dinner this year and president obama will be in san francisco october 8 to attend several fund-raisers in town. and is also said to attend events in los angeles before coming to the bay area. >> and coming up, the silicon valley women making up forbes most powerful women in the world z who has fallen from grace. >> there is eacher of the year finalists explain whaigt takes to be a contender. >> i'm sandhya patel. there is warmer weather coming up. >> and officials want to ask questions to yosemite workers in light of >> the burglar behind a string of commercial break ins has been caught but only on tape. surveillance video shows him breaking into bill's market on highway 116 and detectives say once inside sparks fly and he uses a tool to cut a box. interest there he s and this is described as a black male in 30s or 40s about six feet tall. the same man is at leas least -- suspected in two other burglaries in northern sonoma county. perhaps you recognize him. >> there are several retailers not doing enough to remove harmf
a drug program. and she is the estranged wife of bill lockyer. >> to politics. president barack obama is taking center stage in the final end of the democratic national convention to accept the party nomination for a second term. mark matthews is live from charlotte north carolina with more on mark, the culmination of the event in a very big night. >> this will be a big night for the president. a lot riding on it. we expect him to say that in november, jortz will face not just a choice between two candidates but two different paths for america. the goal? convince vote qlorz have not been happy the direction of the country. four years ago the president offered america hope and change. tonight needs to convince increasingly skeptical voters he can till deliver. and the task will be outlining what he'll do in a second term. >> i think folks swril a clear sense of where he thinks the country needs to go economically. path we need to take. >> this is a tough sell. 31% of the country say the country is on the right track. >> the voters are unhappy with the jobs the president has done but ar
gotten it, a thank you letter from mr. and mrs. obama for a painting that hangs at the white house. that was on re -- unreplaceable he filed a report and resigned himself to the fact he'd never see them again, then, just five days later there is a call from muni lost and found. they had his bag with everything inside even the jewelry. >> and that is amazing, honesty. the driver deserves a reward. if i weren't broke i'd give cash! >> transit agency spokesperson confirms the case, and tells me muni is still working to determine who that good samaritan driver is. >> it's not uncommon for an operator to go an extra mile and show an act of kindness. a lot of times perception is the other way. for this story to come out is a good thing. we'd like to give this open operator credit. >> and he awaits hopeful reunion, other riders like this resident are giving hope his good fortune may turn into theirs. >> it's awesome to see that kind of community in san francisco. i hope that would happen in my case as well. >> so there is just moments ago the spokesperson told me they identified the drive
for the upcoming presidential debates. >> president obama tried to reach young voters in a rally at the university of colorado. many political analysts see colorado as a critical swing state in the november election. >> "occupy" protesters marched through charlotte, north carolina, on the eve of the democratic national convention and demonstrated near the arena will where delegates will meet at bank of america headquarters. the crowd of 800 were peaceful. >>> abc-7 news political reporter mark matthews will be live this week from the democratic national convention in charlotte. you can get instant updates from mark all week long by following him on our facebook page. mark is tweeting @matthews abc-7. >> if you're a bargain shopper, this labor day weekend 0 could be the best time to buy. retailers are offering deep discounts to bring in more customers. online shopping analysts say labor day discounts average 48% off compared to 42 for black friday and cyber monday. the biggest labor die sale typically involve hemtronnics-appliances and clothing,. >>> let's get to leigh glaser. she has your weekend
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9